Martinson Ag Risk Management offers a variety of crop marketing and crop insurance packages to our customers. Focusing on customer service, we look forward to working directly with our customers day-to-day to ensure they are informed of the best options available to them.

 Presentations from the Lake Region Extension Roundup:

2018 Crop Insurance Update (PDF, 315 KB)

2018 Market Update (PDF,  7.33 MB)

Livestock Risk Protection

A LRP application can be completed at any time throughout the year. For more information, see the slides from Randy and Amy's presentation in McLeod, ND on October 17.

Livestock Risk Protection for Cattle and Lamb (PDF, 5.51 KB)

Dry Bean and Dry Pea Harvest Prices Released

The following prices were released on January 11.  For RP policies, if the harvest price is lower than the projected price, you can be over your guarantee and still possibly have a loss.  Losses must be turned in within 45 days after the harvest price is released.

   Projected Price  Harvest Price
 Dry Beans:  
 Black    $0.26  $0.26
 Dark Red Kidney  $0.36  $0.34
 Pea (Navy)  $0.27  $0.24
 Pinto  $0.27  $0.21
 Dry Peas:    
 Smooth Green/Yellow  $0.11  $0.12
 Lentil  $0.25  $0.25
 Small Kabuli Chickpea  $0.22  $0.32
 Large Kabuli Chickpea  $0.30



Note: There is risk involved in trading futures and/or options. Traders should consider whether trading is suitable for them. Please read the full disclaimer (PDF, 114.79 KB).

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